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In case someone tries to cut you in line…and speaks Nyanja

Yes we’re Asian but that doesn’t mean you can cut in front of us and we won’t say anythingangry asian

So our Nyanja lesson for this week is how to address this situation.

“Eie” -No
“Bway-lani  konboyo” – come behind me

And if you’re standing on line to order something you say,
“Mudi pu-seko” – may I please have

And when they start having a full on conversation with you cause you’ve only managed to learn a few phrases you say,
“Sindi- vwela  chinyanja” I don’t understand Nyanja

So far I’ve only used “Mudi pu-seko” but I’m itching to whip out and throw down if anyone cuts me or my kids on line.

Don’t mess with an angry Asian….woman… from Brooklyn!

Good bye and see you tomorrow! (‘Tis-sow-nana   my   iro’)